10 Reasons Why Your Business Should be on Google Plus

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should be on Google Plus

  1. Google has been losing online advertising market share to Facebook ads and is determined to reposition itself as the market leader in this area. 2011 saw Google adsense and adwords lose market dominance to Facebook advertising.  Google is determined to regain its edge in this field. Google Plus has been the fastest ramping platform in the short history of social media.
  2. With the range of products currently owned by Google there is a huge potential for very deep penetration across the web.  Facebook have supposedly stated their goal is to connect the web through their social network. However they don’t own any other online assets beyond Facebook,  Google however already have an established network of online assets that are being connected by Google Plus. This offers brands and businesses the ability to achieve very deep market penetration.
  3. Google owns Android and with the rise of mobile web browsing Google plus business pages may become a major source of discovery for a business.  The Google Plus mobile app has a checkin function that currently uses Google Pages as the checkin place.
  4. +1 s are already appearing in Google Search results. You may have noticed the icons appearing next to some Google searches. There is a lot of dissenting commentary about the role +1s will play in Google search, however they all agree they will play some, if not a significant, role. Google search results.
  5. Google Plus business pages are also already appearing in Google search. Google are currebtly developing Google Direct which is a search string for G+ pages.
  6. Google Plus business pages may replace Google Places. Again there is a lot of commentary and dissension about whether or not Google Business Pages are set to replace the existing Google Places. When you create a new Google Plus Business Page the system does ask for the associated phone number and searches its Places directory. So this in itself may indicate some level of potential future merging at least.
  7. Google Pages allows great linking back your website and other social media platforms. While Facebook allows you to add your business web site to your Facebook Business page. Google takes the linking a step further by encouraging you to add all your sites and social media platforms to your G+ Business page.
  8. There are very few people there yet, well not many people in Australia anyway. This is a great time for businesses to establish their presence while there are very few competitors in their niche on the platform.  Get in now and build dominance in your niche.
  9. Google have a verification program, verification is a process controlled by Google and cannot be applied for.  If you link your Google Business Page to your website and link your website back to your G+ Page, so long as you are using your legal business name, in time your page should become verified. The sooner you are on the platform the quicker this should take. As the take up rate accelerates the verification process may slow down.
  10. Its google!

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