Humanizing Your Website

Many website developers concentrate on key word and SEO metadata development to increase their chances of being found on search. The web is full of people offering advice on techniques to increase the SEO of your site. Just take a look at twitter..

10 Strategies to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Most people selling online through an eCommerce site spend considerable time and money on web site design and SEO. They will ensure their product item images are optimized, that pricing is competitive, that SEO is on the money and will even ensur..

Why Your WebSite Needs to be Optimized for Mobile

Smart phone use is increasing at an amazing pace. As 2013 draws to a close the statistics give us some guidance for 2014 and beyond. If you are conducting business online then you need to understand the implications of the rise and rise of the "t..

SEO versus OAPO

Never heard of OAPO? I'm not surprised I just made it up. As a concept its something everyone wishing to have an effective online presence should be thinking about. However if we are going to compare it to SEO then we need to be clear about what ..

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