Meet the Team

  • Ushan Boyd Technichal Director

    Ushan first started with IT Bandwagon as an employee and is now a co-owner and Technical Director of the company. He has developed extensive experience in responsive scalable web design. His technical fluency includes skills in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Graphic Design, HTML and CSS.

  • Chris Maher Marketing Director

    Chris founded IT Bandwagon in 2007, shaping the company into an effective service for small to medium sized businesses wanting to succeed online. He is the Marketing Director and the company social media specialist. Chris also manages technichal outsourcing.

    Chris's proudest triumph? Restoring his father's 1963 R60 BMW motorcycle and sidecar.

  • Technical Team Project Consultants We use the services of many webdesign specialists across the world. We have developed an effective working relationship with a company in the Phillipines who develop quality coding of advanced custom functionality for our platform.