10 Strategies to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

10 Strategies to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Most people selling online through an eCommerce site spend considerable time and money on web site design and SEO. They will ensure their product item images are optimized, that pricing is competitive, that SEO is on the money and will even ensure their site is responsive for mobile use. Very few people invest in strategies to reduce shopping cart abandonment however. Shopping Cart Abandonment is when a potential buyer shows intent to buy items in your online store by placing them in the shopping cart but does not complete the checkout process.

There is a considerable amount of published material online regarding Shopping Cart Abandonment. I found 24 separate studies on the topic. Each of the studies showed that there are extremely high rates of Cart Abandonment, with results ranging from 55% to 80.3%. This is equivalent, in the best case scenario, to every second customer in a bricks and mortar shop leaving their goods on the counter and walking out before paying and 8 in 10 in the worst case scenario. In effect you are losing up to 80.3% of your potential online sales.

So how do you limit your potential losses from shopping cart abandonment? Well it’s worth thinking about the traditional bricks and mortar store and replicating those checkout processes as much as possible. We have compiled a list of ten things to consider on your site.


  1. Don’t force people to register before they buy. They are giving you their custom and their money, when customers walk into a bricks and mortar store they are rarely forced to register before they can spend money.
  2. Make sure your shopping cart allows people to change quantities in the cart, rather than having to go back to the item to repeat a purchase.
  3. Don’t hide shipping prices to the last minute. Always indicate shipping prices wherever possible. Better still build the shipping into the item price and offer free shipping.
  4. Limit the number of compulsory fields in the checkout form. Do you really need to know the customers date of birth? Unless you are selling alcohol or restricted products, I doubt it. I’ve never been to a bricks and mortar store where I had to give my date of birth before I could spend money (except for a liquor store). The customer is highly likely to be suspicious about why you want this info and abandon.
  5. Limit the number of total fields in the checkout form. Even if you make the date of birth field optional, it still makes the form look long and complicated. You want the customer to feel as if the checkout is going to be quick and easy. Only ask what you really need to know to sell and deliver.  
  6. Use a checkbox to automatically complete the shipping address when it’s the same as the billing address. This will help your customer progress through the checkout process quickly.
  7. Make sure there is a “progress indicator” in the process, so the customer knows how many more pages they need to go through to finish. The least number of pages the better. Again quick and easy is what people like.
  8. Ensure you have the broadest possible range of payment options. There are not many bricks and mortar retailers that will only accept cash, or will only accept one type of credit card.
  9. Security is a very real issue for people. If a potential buyer thinks they are in an unsafe checkout they will abandon. Make sure your checkout is safe and that you have the appropriate security tags and logos visible to your customers.
  10. Make it easy for your customers to contact you if they need assistance with the checkout process and allow people to contact you in their preferred medium. IF you have live chat, install it at the checkout, otherwise have phone numbers and skype ID published in the checkout.

In summary good webdesign is about ensuring the customers experience is optimal, comfortable and secure. You can have the best looking responsive ecommerce website with the best quality products at the cheapest prices, but if you make to difficult for people to buy them you will experience high levels of shopping cart abandonment.



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