Have Your Customers Already Made Your Facebook Page.

Have Your Customers Already Made Your Facebook Page.

With the increasing uptake of mobile usage and mobile browsing we are starting to see changes in our social culture. "Have you checked in yet"? has a social-media cult meaning that was non existent only a few years ago. However today a considerable number of social media platforms and business apps have a "checkin" function at their core. Often times business customers have taken to checking in at businesses and locations faster than many of the businesses and locations they are checking in to.  Many businesses have been taken by surprise and discovered they already have a Facebook page.

How does this occur? Whenever a social media cult follower is at a venue that they want their friends to know they are at, rather than texting or phoning their friends they will checkin. You may not know it yet but "checking in" is cool. If there is no Facebook Page associated with the venue they simply make one and checkin to it. Then as subsequent people go to checkin they find the first cult made page and also checkin. Before the business knows it a couple of thousand people may have checked in. This will be true of pubs, bars, cafe's and any other social place. If the business then makes their own Facebook page believing that this will be the "official" Facebook page of the business they may find they struggle to get traction on it and their customers to continue to checkin to the "unofficial page". Generally the one with the greater number of checkins will come up first when people search. 

The solution: If you have not yet made your official page, don't. Instead claim the "unofficial" page as that already has a good deal of "Social Proof" (lots of checkins, lots of likes, probably even tagged photos of your customers). Claiming the page is easy. Simply click the down arrow next to the gog icon (as illustrated in one of the images above) then follow the directions. Once you have claimed the page it will be officially yours, you can then add your branding and info plus keep all the existing social proof. 

If you have already started a page and you have an unofficial page plus an official page, then you can claim the unofficial page and merge it with your official page. You get to keep all the social proof from both. However you need to be aware that you can only merge the page with the least likes into the page with the most likes.  To merge a page go to Edit Page - Edit Settings - Merge Page.

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