Humanizing Your Website

Humanizing Your Website

Many website developers concentrate on key word and SEO metadata development to increase their chances of being found on search. The web is full of people offering advice on techniques to increase the SEO of your site. Just take a look at twitter using the hashtag #SEO. There is a never ending flow of tweets offering the “Seven Step, Six Step or Three Step Guide to SEO”. Most of this advice is given in within the narrow context of metadata and completely ignores the benefits of ensuring your site users have a good experience. 

However the best advice I have seen is from the masters themselves, Google. The following is taken directly from Google Webmasters. “One key element of creating a successful site is not to worry about Google's ranking algorithms or signals, but to concentrate on delivering the best possible experience for your user by creating content that other sites will link to naturally—just because it's great.” The best way to ensure the best possible experience for your user is to humanize your website. 

Write your content with a human reader in mind.  Content that attempts to guess what might rank well in search engines often lacks the engaging human qualities that contribute to a great user experience.  Double check your grammar, spelling and facts. These sorts of errors can have a negative impact on the user experience as well as making you look like an amateur. 

While advertising on your site is a legitimate strategy to raise revenue, too much advertising can interfere with the flow of the content. Keep your advertising to a minimum and relevant to your content. Double check all your internal and external links. Clicking on a broken link can be a very frustrating experience for a user. 

Ensure your users can contact you easily if they need to. Have your phone number, skype address, email address all published and easy to find. If you require people to use webforms to contact you avoid compulsory fields for unnecessary information. Is it really necessary to have a user’s date of birth as a compulsory field if all they want is for you to give them a call? Make it easy for people to contact you.  Make sure there is a real human behind the website and they can be easily found and engaged with.  When a user goes to your About Us section what do they find? People are more comfortable if they can see and relate to people rather that websites. Make sure you have a picture, some background information and links to any social media you are comfortable with publicly sharing. 

Lastly and importantly make sure your website is mobile responsive. With the increasing rates of mobile web use an unresponsive site will result in a negative user experience for a rapidly increasing audience. 

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