Is your Website the Weakest Link in your Marketing Strategy?

Is your Website the Weakest Link in your Marketing Strategy?

Without a doubt business has embraced social media with open arms.  According to Facebook’s Director of Small Business Dan Levy, there is currently 25 million small to medium sized businesses with active Facebook pages.  That’s 25 million businesses marketing to 1.2 billion Facebook account holders across the world. In Australia there are 12 million Facebook users and 3 million Twitter users. 60% of all social sharing on Facebook is now via mobile, while the rates for Twitter are much higher.

Most businesses are utilizing effective strategies by socially engaging to build a strong following. The question that needs to be asked is, what will those followers do and how will they do it to impact positively on the business? I think it’s safe to assume that businesses would like those followers to buy their products or services.  Increasingly those products and services are online, on the business website. The social media campaign is designed to drive people to that website.  There is also an increase in the number of businesses using traditional media to drive people to the new online media. Many businesses now run advertising on television where the call to action is simply to visit the business website. 

Statistics of Smart-phone use in Australia provides some interesting insights into the experiences your customers may be having on your website.  According to Google: “Our Mobile Planet” smart-phone penetration has risen to 65% of the population and 65% of these people use it to access the internet every day.  49% are using their smart-phone while watching television and 41% of smart-phone users have made a purchase on their phone. 

Smart-phones are becoming central to our daily lives and the successful marketer needs to understand the mobile consumer. 77% of smart-phone users won’t leave home without their device and 90% of mobile consumers use their smart-phones for local search. Consumer use of smart-phones is increasing at an incredible rate. While businesses have become astute with their social media marketing many are still relying on websites that are designed for desktop and are not mobile responsive.

Businesses that are using traditional media such as television advertising to drive traffic to their websites would be receiving higher than average mobile traffic. Those sitting in front of a TV with a device would be more likely to visit the site then and there on the device rather than remember that address when they are next in front of a desk top. With the high rates of mobile social sharing we know that most social media marketing campaigns will be driving mobile traffic to your site.

The killer statistic? According to Advance Digital Search and Social Group 57% say they wouldn't recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.  It doesn’t matter how good your social media campaign is, or how much you spend on television advertising, if you are driving mobile traffic to an unresponsive site you are hurting your own business.

Is your Website the Weakest Link in your Marketing Strategy? In 2014 it’s optimize or perish!

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