Six Tips for Driving Traffic From eBay to Your Online Store

Six Tips for Driving Traffic From eBay to Your Online Store

eBay has become one of the world's largest online market places. Its clear that buyers across the globe have developed a comformtable level of trust using eBay's platform. For a retailer selling on eBay can increase the exposure to domestic and international consumers and can substantialy compliment existing trade.

eBay is a great platform for buyers but not so great for sellers. While customers can leave negative feedback on a sellers profile, sellers can only leave positive feedback or no feedback at all. If you get a few bad-natured customers leaving unfair negative feedback you may find your account suspended. eBay fees are expensive when compared to selling from your own online store and its difficult to cultivate repeat customers on eBay. Too many businesses using eBay don't utilize its potential to drive traffic from eBay to their own online stores.

Here are 6 tips for driving traffic from eBay to your online store.

  1. Make sure you have all your business details listed in your eBay shop. Make it easy for customers to contact you off eBay.
  2. Invest in branded packaging with your own online store details clearly visible. Not only will the customer see your online store details, so will everyone involved in the delivery chain.
  3. Design a flyer to include in your consignments offering the eBay customer a discount or other incentive if they make their next purchase from your online store.
  4. Include the cost of your eBay fees in the sale price on eBay, so that all your items are cheaper to buy from your online store.
  5. Ensure you have a greater range of items in your online store than you do in eBay. This increases the chances of customers contacting you to ask if certain items that aren't in your eBay store are available. This is the perfect opportunity to direct them to your online store.
  6. If you use a 3rd party listing tool like Blackthorne you will be able to export all your eBay customer details to a mailing list. Every 3 months export a list of that quarter's eBay customers and email them with an offer to shop in your online store.

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