Unfurling Your Online Potential: A Small Business Case Study

Unfurling Your Online Potential: A Small Business Case Study

Unfurl Clothing is a small business trading in Broome, a regional town in Western Australia's north.  Unfurl describes its range as "exquisite, unique, multi-seasonal clothing created for women who appreciate the finer details and embrace their individuality"  Unfurl like most other businesses located in Broome (and other regional towns) face the challenge of trading in a seasonal economy with a small permanent base of only 17,000 people. 

IT Bandwagon proposed a solution to Unfurl. Build an effective online presence that would allow the business to communicate and market to a wider range of customers regardless of local seasonal trends. The result is a website with integrated eMail marketing allowing Unfurl to grow their customer base, send out targeted email marketing campaigns then use our analytic functions to assess the success of each campaign and refine their strategy.

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The IT Bandwagon platform allows new users to import any customer records they may have. Unfurl had 1409 customers that were imported. They launched launched their website in mid November 2013 and  on 16 December they sent their first eMail marketing campaign from their web marketing powered website. They called the campaign "Xmas Love". IT Bandwagon's integrated eMarketing platform allows the user to send out content rich HTML emails.

Within one day they recieved 2 online sales direct from the eMail marketing campaign. Both were from customers outside of Broome. One in Perth, the other in Queensland. Both were sales that would not have occured without the website with integrated eMarketing.

The marketing analytics tool (integrated into every eMarketing IT Bandwagon site) is giving Unfurl some very powerful insights into how each recipient interacted with the email, when they opened it, what they clicked on and if they opened it more than once. They can now use this information to refine future eMarketing campaigns and build a solid online customer base.


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