Unique Solution to Broome Bus Timetabling

Unique Solution to Broome Bus Timetabling

The Broome Bus service operates an hourly bus service from one side of Broome to the other. During the peak season of May to October this service operates half hourly. The route starts at Cable Beach, taking in the majority of the accommodation properties on that side of town. It then heads along Cable Beach road past the Cable Beach residential area, the Kimberley Training Institute, the Broome Recreation Centre, the Boulevarde Shopping Centre then on to Chinatown.  After that it progresses along Carnarvon and Hamersley taking in the Mangrove, Masto’s, the Mercure, the Oaks, Seaview and Town-Beach before ending up at Fongs Store. The service then does the same route in reverse. 

Tourists and locals alike use this valued service. Timetables are printed and distributed to shops and accommodation properties for the free distribution to users. If want to check a bus time you need to have your timetable with you, which is fine if you have one or you remember to take it with you. However if you don’t have one, finding the next bus time can be hard. It Bandwagon has developed a creative solution for the Broome Bus Service by integrating an interactive Web App into a mobile responsive Web Site. 

Now potential passengers can check a website to get the time of the next bus at their nearest stop. The site will give you the time of next service, plus the following three, a map to show you where the stop is and information about what is around both stops. The service is available by desktop and mobile web and can be accessed by typing in the web address or scanning the QR code which has been printing on the services day passes and will start to appear at all bus stops.

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